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Greetings! Welcome to WARGS!

W.A.R.G.S. Stands for "When All Robbits Go Sane" moreso saying, "When Hell Freezes Over." *wink*

Robbits, in easiest terms are explained as rabbit/hobbits. Thank frodette and ashturil as the creators of this insanity.

Basically, all we are is a group of friends who abosolutely, positively obsessed with Tolkien and his work "Lord of the Rings." Oh, yeah, there was that 'movie' thing too, whatever that is... *bcg* (Big Cheesy Grin, to you non-knowers)

Newest additions: Kudos to blackbutterfli who made our gorgeous layout.

And this little angel is our robbit doll, made by psychesdream. See, she IS good for something! ;D

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I diew for LOTR actors wargs
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Date Created:2002-08-29
Number of Posts: 460

We are the ROBBITS! Proud and schtuff.
+ The almighty tiggle
+ Hadhafangs will take over the world
+ The Robbit handshake!
+ Obscene OYsters try to destroy us. Ackpth.
+ Lag in Barlis.
Special Skills:
We have no skills. We have SkillZ.
+ Mostly, the ability to come up with typos faster than any of us can do the robbit handshake.
+ Robbit handshake
+ Mad randomness
+ #lembas!
Ali, Ash, Cali, Caitie, Crackshot, Wolven, Dette, Bazy, Leggy, Pipsi, Birdy, Spammy, Tigerlily, Sam_Gamgee (our beloved Talley!)

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By the way... this community is run by elvenpaw and ashturil.

Ideas? Comments? Just wanna say you love us very muchly? E-mail us: wolvenwarg@hotmail.com or tonkatzu@yahoo.com . ^_^