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Your life's a routine that repeats each day

whosever idea it was to make us all mods... thanks. that's pretty nifty ^_^

I did get a bit of a shock, though! I went to do a change on the_rhq's profile and found that I could change wargs', too. I was like "what!? when did I become a mod!?" but then checked it out and was like "ohhh... sweet. ^_^"

so anyway, Bazy's chapter is FINALLY up in the_rhq, so scurry on over there, read, enjoy. it's highly entertaining, as always. and now actually I believe that it is blackbutterfli's turn to write, that is, unless ashturil wants to jump in here or something?

really, though. let's try to make this chapter take less than 9 months to write, eh? *looks over in Bazy's direction*

is it unfair of me to impose a 4 month writing time limit?
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