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Get your act together, get it right!

*dusts off the cobwebs*

it's time for a group activity!! this one is really easy, you'll love it, I swear ^____^ Laura and I (er, well... really just Laura) thought of it a few days ago. =)

so! it's a caption contest! really simple, just take the photo and come up with a caption for it! I shouldn't say contest, more of... uh... arts and crafts? O.o;;;

anyhoom, the picture is below

now, the point of this picture is not in fact that my little sister is happily licking chocolate cake batter off beaters, it is that if you look a little to the right, you can tell that I am the proud owner of a bonafied Satan!Cat. any element of the picture is eligible, however, it must incorporate the cat somehow (her name is Junior by the way). have at it, ladies. =)
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